Every thing you do is based on choices you make…

You’ll reap whatever you sowed, depending on the level of effort exerted to nourish your plant.
A flower will not germinate from an unwatered seed.
Whatever you projected into the universe magnified and returns to the manifestation of your desires!
Be careful what you wish for !

I’ll assist you in relieving mental agony .

Relieve the agony of transition into the spirit world !

Assists lost and confused souls into the right portal .


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30 minutes Session

$ 50 /per person

Send a briefing about yourselves.

  • Basic Service
  • Skype, Zoom meetings, telephone to conduct meetings


60 minutes

$ 100 /per person

Take a deeper look into yourselves, give some more time to yourselves

  • Gold Service
  • Skype, Zoom meetings, telephone to conduct meetings
  • Question answer session


family session

  • Platinum Service

$ 300 for 60 minutes

Special package for families


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